vendredi, novembre 26, 2004

Embracing Technology

Four daughters. Full-time jobs. Free lance writer. Avid gardener. Sportsman. Piano lessons and recitals. Acting and dancing classes. Tuition. Quran reading. Holidays. No maid!

Many have asked us how we do it. And frankly I am not quite sure. I never thought it was anything extraordinary until I began to look around at my peers with subserviant and yet loving maids who are part of the family at all times (the lucky ones) and friends who complain incessantly about incompetent and not-to-be trusted maids who would run away at the very first opportunity.

I decided today to sit down and think about it.

My youngest, my little baby is about three months old and her immediate sister turned four a few days ago. Two months ago we decided to move away from my mother’s house as there were too many living under the same roof, even though it was a large spacious 6-bedroom family home. We found a wonderful baby-sitter and hired a lady to thoroughly clean the house every three weeks. We decided to spend a little extra on the best and reasonably priced launderer in the vicinity. Then we immediately got connected with broadband access to facilitate communication between the house and my office. Little did I realise we have just placed a little wonder miracle in our lives.

Suddenly I need not queue at banks, I don't have to worry about being mugged everytime I withdraw money to pay bills. My husband need not waste time at Telekom and Tenaga every month. I have information at my fingertips, the girls taught me to IM and chat (years ago my eldest taught me how to use Powerpoint!). I get to contact friends overseas anytime it is convenient. We bought webcams and optical mouses and wonderful little gadgets that allow me to embrace technology whole-heartedly. I have an album of digital perfect pictures in my 256 megabyte miniature pendrive. Not only that, I have videos and recordings of the girls singing and baby cooing stored in it as well. I am looking forward to buying a totally inexpensive internet CCTV at the next computer fair so that I can see what is going on in the house when I am not there.

If I need to work late, I can work from home now. Research for my writing and articles can be done late at night after the girls have gone to sleep.

Because my older girls have to be independent at times when I am not around, I enjoy an open and frank relationship with them, vowing to always tell them the truth about life and be honest when I do not know all the answers. As they have no maid to wait on them hand and foot, they are pretty good at tidying up after themselves, doing their chores and taking care of their own things. Staying on top of each others’ schedule is a breeze as talking to each other via the mobile or the computer is so easy.

The girls even prepare checklists for holidays …on the computer of course! Carefully selected computer games like SIMS teach them about life – budgets and family communication. They have their own blogs and create amazing journals with pictures of interest to them…and write wonderful stories. It is heartening to see that they are so at ease with new technology.

The computer is a wonderful thing, and the handphone is just as delightful. Its games keeps the girls occupied in the car, watching a movie is pure pleasure now that we need not queue to buy tickets, magic moments can be captured on the camera because you always have your phone with you. Even the baby can be pacified by ringtones when she cries.

In truth, all that time saved means more meaningful time together. Our family lives a contented and full life… and the marvels of modern day technology helps us along the way.C'est la vie!

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